Chi Siamo

E-Platform Art was born from E-Platform whose "Vision" is giving a new impulse to the ways of doing business, a new starting line for many companies that want to expand their business through internationalization, but they lack of culture and means for dealing with foreign markets. After three years of activity, we are constantly growing and our business model is recognized and admired wherever we go all over the world. With Eplatform we are recreating the example of the universal Renaissance corporatism, we takes as a central point the history of that business focused on the commitment, the quality, the entrepreneur genius and an experience of forty years, all managed through the web tool.

Eplatform Art was born from the spirit of Eplatform with the Mission of integrating business with art and culture because the entrepreneur task is to generate value in the broadest sense of the word; to contribute, with his organizational, financial and strategic skills to give opportunities to already well-known artists as well as to new talents to promote their works all over the world and to spread globally their “beyond view” that reconnects the current existing with the eternal.

Often, great artists share the same space with other “improvised” ones. In the present historical period, we don’t give importance to Art purity. The task of a true entrepreneur is to generate an appropriate communication and "marketing" information actions that encourage the artists to think and create, in order to give a positive push to their strength-Light that is their THOUGHT.

Eplatform Art is: Painting, Sculpture, Photography, Music, Literature, Cinema

How does it work

The portal is open to all people from all the world countries. Artists can participate by registering in the dedicated area.

The registration generates a password that will allow you to enter the management area. In this space is possible to load the pictures of the works and to fix a reference price for their sale.

The works will be evaluated by our internal committee, cataloged according to an independent line of judgment and published online in the public open area.

The public structure will be managed according to the following categories:

  • Young people Area: Artists that are not yet famous, but provided with a good profile and a positive judgement by our committee. They will be published on the home page.
  • Area senior: Already known artists whose works will be made public on their specific request.
  • Fine Art: Reserved for famous art-works that must be dealt with one to one relations and with dedicated contractual procedures. This is a reserved area and is accessible only to the managers of Eplatform who will manage the promotion through certificated channels.
The registration on Eplatform Art is free.

Once registered, you will be appropriate to insert your resume and the works that you desire to publish.

Before the publication, the artist will have to sign a contract of confidentiality and the royalty in favor of Eplatform Art. The royalty will be paid only after the successful conclusion of the sale according with the arrangements stipulated in the general conditions signed at the registration time.